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        What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

        By Melissa Green | Citizens Bank Staff

        A recent survey from Brides.com shows the average cost of a wedding is $44,000. But don’t worry, that’s only the average; most people don’t spend anywhere near that number (and there are those who spend far beyond it). Most couples with a moderate income spend around $14,000. The truth is, there are a lot of varying facts that go into the cost of your wedding, like your guest count, location, and time of year.

        Being aware of potential wedding expenses will help set you up for budgeting success. Learn more about wedding costs to help keep your spending on track.  

        Average cost of wedding vendors and services

        Figuring out how much vendors and services will cost can be tricky. Again, prices will vary based on your location, guest count, time of year, and even the day you’re getting married.

        Pro tip: Saturday is the most expensive day to tie the knot.

        The charts below are based on national averages, so use them as a benchmark rather than what you realistically expect to spend.

        How to budget for your wedding

        Your wedding day is going to be as unique as you and your fiancé. You may sacrifice the flowers for that candy station or your parents might be helping with some of the expenses. No matter what your situation, you can use our personalized budget calculator to get an idea of what you’re likely to spend, based on the average cost in your area. The estimate will give you a solid starting point for understanding wedding costs.

        What to remember

        Your wedding day is something you'll always remember, so of course you want it to be special. With a smart budget and savvy spending, you can have your dream wedding without going into considerable debt. Remember, it’s about a celebration of love, so have fun and enjoy the planning process!

        More information

        Your wedding is an event you'll cherish for years to come. Our colleagues are committed to helping you find the best way to save for your big day. Depending on your unique situation a credit card, personal loan, or home equity line of credit can help fund your wedding. To learn more, please call 1-800-922-9999, visit us online, or Ask a Citizen at your nearest Citizens Bank branch.

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